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Live Data Diagnostic Consultation

A thorough live data diagnostic session of the vehicle with a live walk-through and explanation of the findings is included and essential for the success of every Engine Carbon Clean (depending on vehicle).

Failed MOT on emissions - BMW 118d (2011 – 183,454 miles) - diagnostic and Engine Carbon Clean

The devil is in the detail

Most cheap code readers will retrieve codes.  Most garages can read and delete codes. Engine codes are only part of the puzzle.

The live data is essential for a proper diagnosis.  Especially where an engine code may not be found on a cheap reader or a code not logged yet, e.g. thermostat or failing sensor.

We sit down with you to perform the diagnosis and send you reports and screenshots where possible.

Our Live Data Diagnostic Consultation

– The initial code check as performed at most garages, but we do this with you and save the findings into a PDF file where possible and send it to you for reference.

Then the more important bits…

– Clearing the codes, then monitoring the reappearance of codes/faults and documenting when and in what pattern they reoccur over the duration of the booking.
– Live data monitoring of all available engine data including EGR movement and gas flow, DPF data, injector and fuelling data, coolant and exhaust gas temperature and sensor data, etc.

High emissions, poor fuel economy and a blocked DPF all from a thermostat issue
A misbehaving EGR valve