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Frequently Asked Questions

Our IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved service is about looking after the overall health of the vehicle, not just turning up to ‘perform a clean’.

Every booking starts with a health check to check it is safe to proceed, clean and is appropriate.

A diagnostic code scan of the entire vehicle looking for underlying issues (where applicable).

Live data diagnostics throughout to identify issues with injectors, fuel pumps, sensors, etc. which may not be logging error codes.

Our service helps the hot side of the turbo, combustion chamber (injector tips, pistons, cylinders) and cats.

Get it running smooth and quiet again – restoring response, fuel economy and lowering emissions.

Save money on fuel, provides a smooth, quiet and responsive drive and helps deal with issues such as MOT emissions failures or sticking turbos.

Yes. All hydrocarbon engines create carbon buildup. You can clean petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid or anything else such as methane.  Not just cars and vans, but we also work on boats, tractors, tanks, generators and landfill engines.

All vehicles (excluding electric and hydrogen fuel) will create carbon buildup.

Typical symptoms include a decline in fuel economy, noisier engine, increased vibration, sluggish response and smoke/emissions levels.

As fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust. This then clogs up EGR valves, inlet manifolds and DPFs.

Most people are coming back for repeats approximately every 20-30k miles based on driving style, journey length and fuel quality.

It is wise to time the diagnostic and clean just prior to a service or MOT if one is due.

If you have just bought a vehicle or warranty is due to expire then it is a perfect time to get it checked out and cleaned up.

Yes it does and it is very good at what it does as long as the relevant pre-checks are performed to ensure an effective clean and critically it is done by someone who is properly trained, certified, with the right approach and equipment.

An Engine Carbon Clean is great at cleaning up the back of a turbo, combustion chamber, injector tips, pistons, cylinders and cats to get a vehicle running smooth, quiet, responsive, economical and emissions friendly again, but will not clean up cold areas such as EGR valves or inlet manifolds and won’t unblock a DPF.

The only way to clean up these cold areas safely and effectively is a manual approach, e.g. strip and clean of the EGR or ‘walnut blast’ the inlet.

The Engine Carbon Clean is complementary to these manual approaches as they are targeted at different areas.

Cleaning up the combustion chamber cleans up the source of the dirt – this helps minimise future buildup in the EGR and inlet manifold as well as extends the mileage between DPF regenerations.


Why Book Us

Diagnose running issues, restore power, performance, fuel economy and lower emissions.

A dirty engine has to work harder against the dirt. To do this it uses more fuel, vibrates more causing more noise, shaking and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure.

The more it shakes the more it will wear parts such as engine mounts, clutches, etc. so combat this before it becomes a problem.

Prevention is better than repair!

A booking with us is essentially a health check and detox for your vehicle.

What We Offer

A fully insured mobile service for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

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About Us

Helping people save money every day with their vehicles is what we do – providing advice, guidance, diagnosis and performing cleaning procedures only where safe and appropriate and in a professional manner for individuals, small businesses, corporations and fleet customers.

We provide a MOBILE service and come to you anywhere across the East Midlands counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus we also cover Cambridgeshire.

What Clients Say

Ash BroadhurstAsh Broadhurst
18:18 19 May 22
Had Adrian come out as needed a carbon clean on my volvo c30 1.6d, very knowledgeable about his trade, and would recommend him to anyone, great guy to get along with and my car is a lot more... responsive than when I bought it. 5 star review all day long. Keep up the good work mate 👍 👏 👌read more
James AldousJames Aldous
20:32 17 May 22
This was the second time Adrian has been out to do a carbon clean for us. Booking process was easy, Adrian is responsive to messages and very informative. Primarily had the most recent carbon clean... for preventative/maintenance but have been really impressed with the improvements we have seen in how smooth/quiet the car runs now. Will be sure to ask Adrian to come round to do a clean on our other car as it approaches is warranty more
Jason RaynerJason Rayner
17:46 27 Apr 22
I booked Adrian for 10am on Wednesday 27/04 to do a diagnostic on my Petrol 1.2 Ford Fiesta due to a dashboard fault that had come up “Engine Fault Service Now” on his diagnosis there were no... concerning faults showing with the car, that was good to hear and after that I was happy for him to proceed with the Engine Carbon Clean on my Ford Fiesta Adrian was a very polite knowledgeable and honest gentleman who explained everything he was doing step by step I would happily book again the end result is my car is running a lot smoother now and will be more economical on fuel Thanks more
Mark MclachlanMark Mclachlan
13:58 02 Apr 22
I recently had my van in the garage for a few oil leaks and few other repairs. After repairing my van, the garage recommend my van had a carbon clean due to the build up of carbon in my turbo pipe.... Looked around and came across Adrian Charles of Engine Carbon East Midlands. Adrian who is very professional and very formative with the information / diagnosis of my van. He kept me up to date with everything he was doing and made sure I understood the information he was showing me. Since having the carbon clean I didn’t think I would see much of a difference in the running of my van. Believe I was wrong, maybe just my van but I could see a massive difference in my vans performance. Thank you more
20:24 01 Apr 22
I booked Adrian in for my 2006 Mercedes ML, he kept me informed at all times and promptly arrived on time. He kept me updated at all times, and was clearly very experienced and knowledgable.Post... carbon clean the car drove markedly smoother and quieter. Fuel economy also seemed better. Very impressed.Many thanks Adrianread more
Joshua ScottJoshua Scott
12:12 22 Mar 22
Very happy with the service provided by Adrian today on my Skoda Octavia. Car feels smoother to drive and the engine is far quieter now after the carbon clean. The engine diagnostics and live data is... great to see how your engine is performing, and I know what needs to be replaced to get my car running 100% again. Thanks again Adrian, highly recommend you and your services to anybody looking for diagnostics/carbon clean!*** Update*** I’ve driven around 180 miles in the 5 days since my carbon clean was carried out, the results are even better than I was initially seeing. My car has continued to run smoother than ever before, with the mpg being the biggest difference - I’ve had an increase of 8mpg just driving around town and short journeys on dual carriageways. Looking forward to seeing what difference it’ll make on a longer motorway trip! Once again, thank you Adrian. I will 100% be back to use your services again, I am very much impressed!read more
Roger LyonsRoger Lyons
11:57 05 Mar 22
What can I say? My Audi S5 was running a bit rough and occasionally the check engine light came on. Now I already know this chap has a great S5 too and know he knows his stuff. I had a feeling my... symptoms were related to carbon buildup so thought I’d give this a whirl.Well it’s certainly made a huge difference to the car! It’s like night and day, the slight misfires I had have disappeared and it’s as smooth as silk. I’m still going to get a full manual carbon clean do as this treatment doesn’t do the manifold or behind the inlet valves but honestly it’s the best £90 I’ve spent on the car. He also did my supercharged Range Rover which I thought was running great anyway but that also now is even smoother and picks up much quicker as well.Don’t hesitate to get your pride and joy done too.Top marksread more
Jon-Paul ChilversJon-Paul Chilvers
15:14 25 Feb 22
I have used this company many times and Adrian is a very knowledgeable, approachable and polite person. The process is explained and any problems or concerns during the procedure are communicated to... me.Once again the engine carbon clean service didn't disappoint and my golf now feels like a new car. Its revs a lot more free, quieter and drives so well. Will continue to use Adrian and F5ECCread more
Ryan FanuncioRyan Fanuncio
22:40 23 Feb 22
Best £99 service for my bmw x3. My car has shown massive improvement on throttle response and the engine run more smoothly than before. Adrian arrived exactly on time. He is very professional and... knowledgeable on his craft. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and more
19:06 17 Feb 22
Extremely professional, arrived on time, kept me updated with ETA and fitted me in very quickly. Adrian talked me through the whole process, he did a full diagnostic, explained everything thoroughly... and cleared the codes. The carbon clean took approx 60mins, now car runs lovely and smooth with improved responsiveness and a slightly better mpg figure. Adrian has looked after 2 of my cars so far. - He comes highly recommend as the service is second to none and really knows his stuff and just a nice genuine guy. Thank you Adrian! Glad you liked my Saab 9-3 👍🏻read more
Rob SeatonRob Seaton
12:00 10 Feb 22
Adrian from Engine Carbon Clean came out to work on my wife's BMW 320d which had become sluggish and unresponsive and to put it bluntly, a bit of a pig to drive due to it doing a lot of short runs... and the car being a diesel.After a full diagnostic check to ensure there were no problems which could prevent work being carried out (and all diagnostic reports being sent over to me), he proceeded with the carbon clean service which took less than an hour from start to finish, he even arrived slightly ahead of schedule.Wow, the results are unbelievable. The car is no longer sluggish and the throttle response is massively improved and it even sounds a bit nicer as well.This is the second time I've had Adrian out and from the service on offer, it won't be the last. Very highly recommended!Great communication, knowledge, service and follow up, I literally can't fault this company at all. more