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Frequently Asked Questions

Our IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved service is about looking after the overall health of the vehicle, not just turning up to ‘perform a clean’.

Every booking starts with a health check to ensure it is safe to proceed, will clean properly and is appropriate.

An initial diagnostic code scan of the entire vehicle looking for underlying issues (where applicable).

Then live data diagnostics throughout the booking to highlight underlying issues with injectors, fuel pumps, sensors, thermostats, etc. which may not be logging error codes.

A properly performed Engine Carbon Clean helps clean up the hot side of the turbo, combustion chamber (injector tips, pistons, cylinders) and cats.

This will get it running smooth and quietly again – restoring response, fuel economy and lowering emissions.

This saves money on fuel, provides a smooth, quiet and responsive drive and can help deal with issues such as MOT emissions failures or sticking turbos.

Yes. All hydrocarbon engines create carbon buildup. You can clean petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid or anything else such as methane.  Not just cars and vans, but we also work on boats, tractors, tanks, generators and landfill engines.

All vehicles (excluding electric and hydrogen fuel) will create carbon buildup.

Typical symptoms include a decline in fuel economy, noisier engine, increased vibration, sluggish response and smoke/emissions levels.

In the past cars just dumped a lot of this carbon out through the exhaust, but as fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust. This then clogs up EGR valves, inlet manifolds and DPFs.

There is no single answer to this, but most people are coming back to us for repeats approximately every 20-30k miles depending upon driving style, journey length and fuel quality used.

It is wise to time the diagnostic and clean just prior to a service or MOT if one is due.

If you have just bought a vehicle or warranty is due to expire then it is a perfect time to get it checked out and cleaned up.

Yes it does and it is very good at what it does as long as the relevant pre-checks are performed to ensure an effective clean and critically it is done by someone who is properly trained, certified, with the right approach and equipment.

An Engine Carbon Clean is great at cleaning up the back of a turbo, combustion chamber, injector tips, pistons, cylinders and cats to get a vehicle running smooth, quiet, responsive, economical and emissions friendly again, but will not clean up cold areas such as EGR valves or inlet manifolds and won’t unblock a DPF.

The only way to clean up these cold areas safely and effectively is a manual approach, e.g. strip and clean of the EGR or ‘walnut blast ‘the inlet.

The Engine Carbon Clean is complementary to these manual approaches as they are targeted at different areas.

Cleaning up the combustion chamber cleans up the source of the dirt – this helps minimise future buildup in the EGR and inlet manifold as well as extends the mileage between DPF regenerations.

Why Choose Us

A dirty engine has to work harder against the dirt. To do this it uses more fuel, vibrates more causing more noise, shaking and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure.

The more it shakes the more it will wear components such as engine mounts, clutches, etc.

What We Offer

A fully insured mobile service for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

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– thermostat, engine mounts and Engine Carbon Clean (VW Caddy 2009 – 129,567 miles) MOT now PASSED – thermostat, engine mounts and Engine Carbon Clean

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About Us

Helping people save money every day with their vehicles is what we do – providing advice, guidance, diagnosis and performing cleaning procedures only where safe and appropriate and in a professional manner for individuals, small businesses, corporations and fleet customers.

What Clients Say

Jonathon BushJonathon Bush
14:54 17 Nov 21
So right from the original contact Adrian was professional, knowledge and honest and provided me with in depth information about why I wouldn't need one of the services I asked him to quote for (even... though this would of earned him more money), this impressed me as several other companies had just provided me with a quote without one of them saying perhaps I don't need the service.Following this I booked in for an Engine Carbon Clean on my Volvo V60 with Adrian who kept me informed of ETA the night before and on the day and was extremely punctual (even arriving early but only after checking it was okay to do).Throughout the procedure Adrian was more than happy to answer my question at explain to me what he was doing at each stage.After the clean my engine was notable running quieter. I took for a test drive after Adrian left and very happy with the result, the car feels smoother to drive, feeling more responsive through the revs.Could not recommend Adrian highly enough, very knowledge, very professional and a genuine nice more
Adam MillsAdam Mills
12:54 26 Oct 21
Adrian was absolutely brilliant! My car feels so much better in such a short space of time. As well as telling me a fault which I’ve now avoided his service was second to none!!! The car is more... efficient pulls better and runs smoother! Thank you for all of your help, I will be using you again!!read more
Rob JayRob Jay
14:05 06 Oct 21
Hi Adrian out to look a fault and carbon clean my car. 100% would recommend and will use again. Very knowledgeable about what he does and took the time explains things to me.He even follows up to... check how things are after.Well worth every penny !read more
Steve KingSteve King
19:28 05 Oct 21
Booked for engine carbon clean & live diagnostic check on my BMW X5… Adrian came out the following day arrived on time as agreed…he’s a very competent guy who knows stuff. Within the hour it was all... completed …. Sent all the data to me with a few issues highlighted …. When I took my car for a spin afterwards the results speak for themselves … smoother acceleration & very responsive …. It’s well worth commissioning Adrian to work his magic on your vehicle even for preventative maintenance like me prior to a service with no major issues….Service is impeccable 5*read more
Mark FrostMark Frost
16:05 21 Sep 21
Exceptional service from start to completion.Adrian is very knowledgeable and talked me through the whole process.Historic faults were cleared and after the carbon clean the engine is running... substantially better.I would highly recommend this 5 star service.MRF Fire & Safety Solutionsread more
Liam StedmanLiam Stedman
11:04 21 Sep 21
Great customer service from the moment of spoke to them. Very upfront on what the clean can and can’t do.After the carbon clean my MPG has improved by 10MPG. My car is driving a lot smoother and is... quieter at idle which is what I’m most impressed with. It now drives better then when I bought it.Would highly recommend to anyoneread more
19:04 21 Aug 21
Brilliant service. Had my Mercedes c class engine carbon cleaned and full diagnostic check done today and couldn’t be more pleased. Professional, great mannerism and straight to the point with what... his service simply can and can not provide. Highly recommendable. Thankyou Adrian see you more
John NaylorJohn Naylor
18:40 05 Jun 20
Adrian came out to my car yesterday and did an outstanding job, sorted out a spurious DPF warning message and my car is transformed. Hesitation and occasional downright sluggishness have been... replaced by quick reactions and a much smoother power delivery.This is the second time I've used ECC but the first time specifically the East Midlands branch, both times I've been delighted with the service. Adrian is very up front and will tell you before you even make a booking if the carbon clean will actually fix any issues you're experiencing, or if you're better off going to a garage first to get something potentially more serious looked at. I would be delighted to recommend Adrian and F5ECC to more
Paul NewmanPaul Newman
18:47 23 May 20
Really didn't know what to expect but afterwards both cars felt a lot more responsive than before and going for a drive Monday so hopefully mpg will be u to. Many thanks again for the work. Top... service really friendly thanksread more
Matthew JacksonMatthew Jackson
21:12 15 May 20
Well recommended! My Jag seems to running smoother, engine noise has dropped considerably and acceleration even feels more responsive. Adrian turned up promptly as agreed and set straight to work... on my car. Great service.. Cleaning 85k worth of carbon build up!read more
Mark GilbertMark Gilbert
19:50 29 Apr 20
Had a visit from Adrian at Carbon Clean today to give my 2.2TDCI Mondeo and my wife’s Mini Cooper S the treatment, and I have to say how impressed I was with the service and end result. On both... vehicles I found incredible improvement in smoothness and reduced engine noise but above all acceleration response on both cars is much improved. I am looking forward to no doubt seeing improved MPG figures as a result of the work. Well worth the cost. I found Adrian to be a decent honest guy who will not give you unrealistic expectations of improvements you might see but will tell it like it more
Matt CullenMatt Cullen
13:10 13 Mar 20
This was my first time using Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands. Adrian made the process very easy and informed me about every process with great detail. The clean it's self has made a noticeable... difference to my vehicle in engine tone and the throttle response. This was a truly professional service and worth every penny if you value the longevity of your car. I will be back in the future for more carbon cleaning on my golf and other more
Michael ChiakliMichael Chiakli
19:17 06 Mar 20
Absolutely fantastic service, Adrian was friendly and well presented, even dedicated time to show me how the system works.For all you people thinking of having this done but are not quite sure...... trust me it's worth it. I don't believe you'll get a better service more
Andrew NelsonAndrew Nelson
21:01 29 Feb 20
Had Adrian come and do my carbon clean yesterday. Very polite and professional. Nothing wrong with the car just like to make sure it's really looked after. Wasn't expecting much as it's a quite car... and plenty of punch anyway but I was really surprised, it's added more response on acceleration its even more quite and after doing around 110 miles today it's added 10 extra mpg. Explained everything and kept me fully informed throughout. Would recommend this service to more
rainbow squardrainbow squard
17:02 21 Feb 20
Adrian made an effort to squeeze me in last minute. When he arrived he was very polite and explained everything to me and what it meant from start to finish. Turned out my car was running better than... I expected but definitely benefited from the carbon clean. Top bloke and very knowledgeable would highly reccomend. Thank you Adrianread more
andrew halifaxandrew halifax
16:40 18 Feb 20
What more can I say fabulous service from start to finish. Easy to contact easy to book an appointment. Very professional service. My Audi A1 lost some of its responsiveness and now drives like a new... car. I can totally one of them recommend the service Adrian was fantastic. Thanks againread more
Adam BeardallAdam Beardall
18:41 01 Feb 20
Adrian carbon cleaned both my cars today. Great service again just like last time!! Cars are running smoother throttle response and mpg improved to. Highly recommend A*** Always helpful and polite... 👍read more
Jason BrownJason Brown
17:09 11 Jan 20
Highly recommend Adrian, carried out an outstanding professional service, conducted a very impressive comprehensive diagnostic test on my Juke and took the time to explain the whole process of the... engine carbon clean, surprisingly reasonable price for the work. Will definitely use again in the future and recommend to friends and family. 11/10 *****read more
Chris FisherChris Fisher
17:05 27 Dec 19
Excellent service today from Adrian, he takes the time to explain the whole process very thoroughly. My three year old 2l diesel Kuga felt a bit sluggish and less responsive than normal recently but... after it had a carbon clean this morning it feels great once again! One happy customer, I highly recommend using this more
Robert FleckneyRobert Fleckney
20:29 17 Nov 19
I’m over the moon with the results of my clean. The car is smoother, quieter, more responsive, better to drive and definitely faster! Adrian is a true professional and thorough with his work. He... spends quality time with your car, and coupled with the code reading makes the cost unbelievable value for money. Highly recommended!read more
John CottinghamJohn Cottingham
11:25 16 Nov 19
Adrian came and carried a diagnostic and a clean on our Audi Q7, with 170K on the clock. He also advise a thermostat swap which we had done. I took the Q7 for a good run to work a couple of days... after the clean and changing the thermostat. It ran smooth and when I booted it there was no black smoke from the over fueling we had discussed. Also the mpg has gone up to a nice 36 mpg compared to mid 20's before.I am well pleased with the more
Lee HumberstoneLee Humberstone
12:50 02 Nov 19
Car now runs a lot quieter and mpg has gone up. Eml came on so Adrian advised me to get the car checked first before doing the clean so I would see the benefits. Most companies would've just done the... clean. Once car was cleared of the fault Adrian came back and done the cleanup. He discussed every step he was doing and showed me what the system was doing. After 30minutes you could defiantly hear the engine had gone quieter. Took it for a drive and my mpg has gone up and acceleration seems a lot better. Will defiantly use this company againread more
George MichaGeorge Micha
17:04 29 Oct 19
Did a bit of research on engine carbon cleaning and everyone recommended doing it. Having looked at reviews and feedback, thought i'd give it a go.I'm very pleased with the service and i can tell... that Adrian is very knowledgeable at what he is doing, explaining the process for you to understand even if you have no clue.Did run the diagnostics and found problems that garages won't even do/tell you, and the car was in good condition (despite 15 years of use), but even if not Adrian will advise accordingly.I can tell the car now feels a bit more responsive at low gears especially, sounds better and clearer. Consumption-wise i haven't noticed anything as yet, but will monitor. It feels a bit better or the same, but that just depends on the car really.Should you ever need to buy a used car, get in touch with Adrian.Keep up the good work!read more
LNS LancerLNS Lancer
16:30 17 Oct 19
Adrian was extremely helpful and explained the whole process thoroughly before he began.Then the full diagnostic showed no faults.After the carbon clean I noticed a significant improvement in low... end torque and the engine now sounds a lot more refined.Can't comment on mpg just yet but I will update on that at a later date if I remember.It's definitely worth getting in touch if you're unsure of your vehicle's history or just want a more efficient, more powerful and all round healthier more
Paul HumphriesPaul Humphries
15:56 30 Sep 19
Initial contact was made via Facebook Messenger and starts by just asking some basic questions about your vehicle. Adrian then explains what the service does and how it can help improve the running... of your engine. I then made contact over the phone and very quickly Adrian came across knowing his stuff so a booking was made. On the day I received a text to confirm his ETA of 9.20 which was spot on. At the start, Adrian talked me through his equipment, how the process works and how he would do a full diagnostic on the engine first before any work was started. If issues were to be found and needed to be fixed before and work was done, then the fee would just be £40, and a new booking could be made once the issues had been fixed. (At no point did Adrian try and sell any extras.) As work started Adrian showed a video demonstrating how the carbon was being removed in a gentle manner, he also added his background was chemistry (degree level if I remember) Throughout the whole process Adrian encouraged me to remain on-site so he could talk me through the cleanup. From start to finish Adrian was professional, friendly and informative, and I have happily recommended his services to friends and family. He will be coming back to do 2 more cars in my household soon!read more
Ryan GriffinRyan Griffin
19:55 24 Aug 19
Contacted Adrian earlier today about his services, replied very promptly and even squeezed me in on his way home the same day, was very impressed with the work that he done for me and he even took... the time to show me how it all works and explained the diagnostics side of his job, very friendly and explanatory service.My car now drives like its brand new so smooth through the gears and vibration and bass note has gone from my car, I can not recommend his services enough. Thanks for the work I will definitely be using again Ryanread more
Glynn DunkleyGlynn Dunkley
13:33 17 Aug 19
Yet again excellent service and results from Adrian.For anybody who wants to maintain their car in the best possible mechanical health along with near new car smoothness and reduced engine noise,... this is the service to go for.Just ensure you use East Midlands Carbon Clean, this way you’ll get excellent advice from a knowledgeable and trustworthy chemist who really does know what he’s talking about.The results speak for themselves as does the customer service from Adrian, who’s not only attentive when you book, but will even follow up with contact post clean to ensure all is well. Try getting this elsewhere if you more
Matt FlindersMatt Flinders
15:36 16 Aug 19
Just had my car carbon cleaned by Adrian in preperaton for the MOT, such a lovely knowledgeable chap. Straight to the point and went through every step of the process as he went through it.I've... drove my car for around 30 minutes after the clean and instantly can tell a difference, its quieter, smoother, power delivery is a lot smoother. Well worth the money!For a 19 year old car, it had a couple of minor faults, none mechanical, and he cleaned the fault codes up for me. All in all 10/10 service, highly recommended!read more
Joss JoseJoss Jose
12:51 03 Aug 19
I arranged for Adrian to come and carbon clean my engine.His customer facing skills are excellent, he talked me through each stage of the process and was very informative.My engine is a lot... "crisper" and I shall be interested to see my mpg in the future.I would highly recommend more
Alan WoodhouseAlan Woodhouse
17:25 02 Aug 19
Booked Adrian to do both my cars. Was really and to book a time that suited me. He contacted me the day before to check it was still convenient and provided an ETA, then a text in the morning to... confirm the time of arrival. Super friendly guy who clearly knows his stuff and is passionate about it. Explained everything to me and shown me the live data from my cars. I had a couple of error codes that I didn't know about and Adrian offered advice to rectify them. Very professional service and I would highly recommend. I can clearly feel and hear the difference in my cars and I'm super happy with the results. Thanks Again more
Matt SandersMatt Sanders
19:59 25 Jul 19
Highly recommend Adrian. Prompt, Friendly and highly Knowledgeable in Engine running.I booked both my cars in with him a diesel Citroen Picasso which now runs quieter and the carbon clean has... eliminated a whirring noise it was having on idle. But more impressive he performed detailed diagnostics and a clean on my recently purchased 13 year old BMW 1 series. That now accelerates smoothly and doesn’t chug at low speeds in traffic. It also puffed smoke intermittently at low speeds however ever since the clean I’ve had no smoke. Highly recommended exceeded my expectationsread more
Mark CaswellMark Caswell
20:07 22 Jun 19
Hi had Adrian from Engine Carbon Clean out to my 14 plate 2L Cdti Insignia today.Let me start by saying he is very punctual arriving early, He explained in detail exactly what he was going to do and... how it worked.He was very honest and told me what would and what wouldn't get cleaned.The diagnostic he did to start was very good picking up a few faults I would of otherwise not known about.The car now runs a lot smoother with a very responsive turbo.Would highly recommend him and will be using him again.Thank you more
ross williamsonross williamson
12:29 15 Jun 19
An excellent service. Adrian was happy to explain everything as it was being done from what happens during the process to the live diagnostics carried out during the clean. This will probably now... become part of the yearly service routine for my vehicle. Highly recommended this service. Thanks for a the great service Adrian. Will stay in touch and share future results with more
Aura JourneysAura Journeys
21:26 06 Jun 19
Fantastic Service from Adrian, from initial contact to the service on the day we could not fault it. Honest answers and service are hard to find no days and Adrian gave these, put me at ease that a... difference could be made. We will be back with our other more
Joe RushinJoe Rushin
07:56 06 Jun 19
Had my 3rd car looked after by the very Professional Adrian.Its now standard practice for me when changing car!Every time Adrian has been more than helpful and professional in arranging a booking... that suits my needs.This time round it was my recently purchased 320d, which sounded so very much like a tractor.After Adrian worked his magic, its now running smoothly and picking up well. I also gained a few MPG, even with my heavier right foot now its so much nicer to drive!Thanks Adrian, See you with my next car!read more
21:03 31 May 19
Adrian came out to run a diagnostic and clean on my 123d today. Really happy with the service. Very knowledgeable, and was able to talk me through all of the issues that came out of the diagnostic.... Very happy thanksread more
Liam RichmondLiam Richmond
11:10 30 May 19
Just had my Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dci cleaned. Adrian clearly knows his stuff and is happy to tell you step by step what he's doing and what's going on. He also answered many other queries and questions... of mine. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wishes to have this service on their more
Dan OakesDan Oakes
09:47 26 May 19
Car drives so much better! Much more responsive and a lot less engine noise! Really pleased with it and would recommend to anyone!
Kevin WhutworthKevin Whutworth
11:38 18 May 19
Adrian arrived on time, ran through the carbon clean process only one wroor found on the car.The engine runs a lot sweeter. Well worth the moneyI have no hesitation in recomning Adrian services
Dharmesh DhanjiDharmesh Dhanji
11:08 09 May 19
Thanks Adrian for the fantastic job you have done to my well loved van it has made a massive difference in the way it's running now thanks mate will contact you with some more business and booking... from me mate job well much appreciated more
Gary HarrisGary Harris
20:29 17 Apr 19
We had Adrian over today, to perform diagnostics and a carbon clean, on our newly purchased 2006 118D bmw.The job was not rushed, in the time he spent he was able to pinpoint several engine faults... through the diagnostics, which we can now refer back to the dealer to remedy under warranty. It was quite quickly noticeable during the carbon clean how the engine began to idle much smoother. The results in a test drive after completion of the work were, much smother power delivery, and definitely.much more responsive, from this we anticipate potentially better mpg.Overall, a great guy, friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable.Highly professional, prompt service Highly more
Aaron Longhurst-FoxAaron Longhurst-Fox
12:26 05 Apr 19
From moment of arrival to departure, a full professional, polite, quality service. Advanced knowledge and great understanding of the work carried out. Would always use F5ECC for my vehicle engine... cleans.Cheers!read more
peter schuhmacherpeter schuhmacher
09:51 03 Mar 19
Spoke to Adrian by messager on Facebook to arrange the cleaning and he responded to my questions very quickly. When he arrived he was friendly and explained what he was going to do and how the... process works. Throughout the process he explained what he was doing and what he was looking out for and listening for. Overall Adrian was great and the difference to my car is noticeably quieter and also smootherread more
S HaartS Haart
09:23 02 Feb 19
I had Adrian back to perform a clean on my Skoda Octavia VRS after he did a fantastic service on my Insignia previously. Adrian arrived On time, and got on with the job swiftly, performing a... diagnostic scan and check the live data of the car, a few faults were picked up as I predicted. Ten minutes into the clean and could hear the engine note quieten down, the throttle is a lot smoother now! I would recommend Adrian at engine carbon. more
Matt PannellMatt Pannell
17:01 29 Jan 19
100% recommend engine carbon clean East Midlands, Adrian was responsive, polite and really informative, the service was impeccable, I really wasn't expecting so much insight and information, very... detailed and knowledgeable whilst explaining the process. I have a 2014 s max power shift that was feeling a little clunky having done 103,000 miles, after the clean I was driving up the hill near me and the car felt like when I first got it 4 years and 95,000 miles ago!! It pulled well and auto felt a lot smoother in the gear change, early indications look like the MPG will improve. One thing I will say, Adrian was very candid about what services I did and didn’t need, so if you’re doubting or confused about his services just pick up the phone or message him, I felt like he had my best interest as a customer. He charged exactly what he quoted and finished the job in the time promised, highly recommended 👍🏻read more
Bela JegyernikBela Jegyernik
17:13 28 Jan 19
My review after 2 weeks of engine carbon clean: my car (Volvo C30 1,8 petrol) is going well, better than before. Not sluggish and the rpm is going quicker back to the normal idle. I have less smoke... when the engine is cold. I would give 10 star instead of five. Thank you, great more
Dominic ChisholmDominic Chisholm
14:51 10 Dec 18
Outstanding service! Very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. Car drives like new and a great price! Better than other options on the market. Gave advice on how to make improve the health of my... car with the fuel management. Fully explained the DPF function and how it can go wrong and when it goes wrong. I would strongly recommend anyone to use this service! Fantastic chap who puts the customer first and makes everything easy to understand. Great value for money!read more
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