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‘Diagnose running issues, restore power, performance, fuel economy and lower emissions. It's essentially a health check and detox for your vehicle.’

Our cleaning service helps save money on fuel, provides a smooth, quiet and responsive drive and can help deal with issues such as MOT emissions failures or sticking turbos.

An Engine Carbon Clean will help reduce soot levels entering the EGR/DPF and inlet manifold in future.  This helps reduce the frequency of DPF regeneration – the DPF will last longer and saves fuel with fewer regenerations.

The diagnostics can identify issues that may be causing the symptoms, plus other hidden issues before they become a problem.

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Our service includes a full diagnostic consultation to identify issues that need addressing by the seller or under warranty. 

Avoid running into problems by identifying if you have had your DPF removed for example, failed sensors which may lead to DPF blockages in future and failed components such as catalytic converters, etc.

If everything looks good then get it cleaned up for the road ahead.

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Avoid failure or turn that fail into a pass.

MOT failure or general smoke issues will be down to either a failed or malfunctioning component/sensor (which we can often identify with our diagnostics), thermostat or carbon buildup.

With increased mileage then a dirty combustion chamber causing over fuelling will increase emissions which we can clean up with the Engine Carbon Clean.

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If you are planning a modification or remap then you should get any faults diagnosed and recover lost power first before adding more.

By cleaning it up and get it breathing properly the extra work the turbo has to do post-remap won’t stress the turbo as much. Extra important if you are having a custom map on a rolling road as it is best to map a clean car rather than a dirty one.

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A proper diagnosis is essential to correctly tackle running issues.

If for example you are having DPF issues we can help, quite often just with diagnosing the underlying issue with NO NEED FOR A DPF CLEAN.

Limp mode issues can be due to sticking turbos, sensors or leaks for example.

Sticking turbos can often be resolved with an Engine Carbon Clean.

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A diagnostics is essential to understand why.  Many times the DPF will be struggling or unable to regenerate due to a faulty sensor or component.  In this case no matter how you drive it the DPF will not regenerate and will lead to a blocked DPF.  Once diagnosed the faulty parts can be fixed and regeneration can work again.

If DPF back pressure / soot content is already too high then fixing the underlying issues will still not allow regeneration.  A DPF Clean (unblock) is a last resort option in this case.

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How and why does carbon affect my vehicle?

All combustion engines whether petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid, new or old, over time gather carbon deposits – it is a natural product of burning fuel.

A dirty engine has to work harder and uses more fuel, vibrates causing noise, shake and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure. The more it shakes the more it will wear components such as engine mounts, clutches, etc.

An example of buildup present in the inlet pipework of a BMW 320d. This buildup is a combination of oil, grease, water vapour and carbon which has gathered from a combination of short journeys, poor quality fuel (with little/no additives present) and a dirty engine with increased emission levels. Regular engine cleaning would have helped prevent this gathering.

Why does it seem like this is only a recent issue (compared to 50 years ago)?

In the past cars just dumped a lot of this carbon out through the exhaust, but as fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years engine components have added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust.

What Clients Say

Peter IbbersonPeter Ibberson
21:15 02 May 23
Adrian is a great honest guy who knows his stuff. He has come from a scientific background and will explain the process really well. He is well able to answer any questions the customer has and does... it in a polite and professional way.Really recommend the service also.The car had some issues which straight away Adrian says the cleaning will not deal with, but after the clean the car runs so much better.read more
richie greenrichie green
19:47 10 Apr 23
I have used Adrian at engine carbon clean a few times now and he's polite and efficient and very very knowledgeable. He performs in depth diagnostics and an amazing engine carbon clean. I had him to... do my car and treated the wife's car too. When the engine cleaning was done I took them for a drive and it restored lots of lost power both run smoothly and better mpg which is great.I highly recommend Adrian.Treat your car to carbon clean.read more
Andy MarriottAndy Marriott
12:22 04 Jan 23
I booked Adrian to take a look at a car I’d recently acquired. I knew it had some issues but I needed some detailed information to take away. Adrian was knowledgable and was more than happy to answer... all the questions I had.The diagnostics was very detailed and I’d highly recommend this service if your car has some issues.The clean has made the car sound much better and its restored performance.I would highly recommend!read more
josh sandersonjosh sanderson
14:26 13 Dec 22
Adrian is a nice bloke who has done a diagnostic and very effective engine carbon clean. Since having the service done on my 2016 116D with 54000 miles on the clock. The car starts even in the... freezing cold much better as well in comparison to how it has been on days even considered warmer than the current freezing temperatures before it was done, and runs so much better and doesn’t feel sluggish as it has been doing especially when warming up on colder days. The tank range seems to be better as well since doing the service and overall I am easily pleased in the service provided by Adrian. He’s quite knowledgeable on what he was doing and expressed any questions or concerns I had very clearly. Definitely worth having the service done.read more
Neil CoplandNeil Copland
19:22 10 Nov 22
Been using Adrian for 5/6 years now for regular engine cleaning as part of my general vehicle maintenance. Started after having issues with loss of performance and reduced fuel economy on a previous... vehicle. I saw his advert on social media and thought I’d give it a go as a last resort before potentially getting rid of the car. The difference after the clean was very noticeable. Performance was restored, with a smoother, quieter running engine, with more powerful acceleration and greatly increased fuel economy that in itself paid for the clean. As a result I kept the car for another two years. Dealing with Adrian is always a pleasure. He’s always approachable and accommodating. Very professional and knowledgeable. He fully explains what he’s doing and how this benefits your vehicle in an easy to understand way. I can fully recommend Adrian and will carry on using him in the future.read more
Terrie GoulbourneTerrie Goulbourne
08:20 19 Sep 22
Adrian was amazing from start to finish. Great communication from the start with prompt and friendly responses. Gave very clear and concise information and made sure that I had a full understanding... of what to expect. Managed to get me booked in for the same week which was a bonus. On the day, Adrian was prompt and on time, talked me through the process and we even shared a tale or 2 whilst we was waiting for the cleaning process to complete. An absolute pleasure of a guy to have and a fantastic service. Engine is now a lot smoother and quieter, cold starts in the mornings are no longer an issue. Very impressed. Thank you Adrian and will be sure to recommend you to friends and family.read more
Sam RussellSam Russell
05:34 03 Aug 22
Adrian came and did a Carbon Clean on our Jeep Cherokee 2.8crd. Excellent service from start to finish and Adrian was very open and honest about what a Carbon Clean can and cannot achieve. Well the... Jeep now runs much smoother and quieter. We had a slight misfire upon first start up which has now resolved itself since the clean, and as part of the service we got a full vehicle diagnostic using Adrian’s modern equipment. Excellent convenient service which comes to you and will definitely use again. Thank you 10/10.read more
gavin simpsongavin simpson
14:19 30 Jul 22
Had Adrian out to look at my car. He kept me up to date on when he was able to arrive. He was knowledgeable on what was happening with my car. I had a fault on the car he found what the fault was and... pointed me in the correct route to get it sorted. I had an engine clean and was impressed with the way I was shown all the data of how my car was preforming. After the clean I took my car out it felt smother and quicker on the pick up. I think it’s great value for money friendly guy and will explain everything what is going on with the clean. I would recommend to friends. Thank you for all your help Adrian.read more
Ash BroadhurstAsh Broadhurst
18:18 19 May 22
Had Adrian come out as needed a carbon clean on my volvo c30 1.6d, very knowledgeable about his trade, and would recommend him to anyone, great guy to get along with and my car is a lot more... responsive than when I bought it. 5 star review all day long. Keep up the good work mate 👍 👏 👌read more
James AldousJames Aldous
20:32 17 May 22
This was the second time Adrian has been out to do a carbon clean for us. Booking process was easy, Adrian is responsive to messages and very informative. Primarily had the most recent carbon clean... for preventative/maintenance but have been really impressed with the improvements we have seen in how smooth/quiet the car runs now. Will be sure to ask Adrian to come round to do a clean on our other car as it approaches is warranty expiry.read more
Jason RaynerJason Rayner
17:46 27 Apr 22
I booked Adrian for 10am on Wednesday 27/04 to do a diagnostic on my Petrol 1.2 Ford Fiesta due to a dashboard fault that had come up “Engine Fault Service Now” on his diagnosis there were no... concerning faults showing with the car, that was good to hear and after that I was happy for him to proceed with the Engine Carbon Clean on my Ford Fiesta Adrian was a very polite knowledgeable and honest gentleman who explained everything he was doing step by step I would happily book again the end result is my car is running a lot smoother now and will be more economical on fuel Thanks Again.read more
Mark MclachlanMark Mclachlan
13:58 02 Apr 22
I recently had my van in the garage for a few oil leaks and few other repairs. After repairing my van, the garage recommend my van had a carbon clean due to the build up of carbon in my turbo pipe.... Looked around and came across Adrian Charles of Engine Carbon East Midlands. Adrian who is very professional and very formative with the information / diagnosis of my van. He kept me up to date with everything he was doing and made sure I understood the information he was showing me. Since having the carbon clean I didn’t think I would see much of a difference in the running of my van. Believe I was wrong, maybe just my van but I could see a massive difference in my vans performance. Thank you Adrian.read more
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