The UKs ONLY award winning Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean service.

  • Save money on fuel and future repair bills (such as EGR, DPF, injector issues).
  • Enjoy a quiet, smooth and responsive drive again.
  • Diagnose running issues with a live data diagnostic session.

How does carbon affect my vehicle?

All combustion engines whether petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid, new or old, over time gather carbon deposits – it is a natural product of burning fuel.

A dirty engine has to work harder against the dirt. To do this it uses more fuel, vibrates more causing more noise, shake and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure. The more it shakes the more it will wear components such as engine mounts, clutches, etc.

Why is this an issue now compared to 50 years ago?

In the past cars just dumped a lot of this carbon out through the exhaust, but as fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust.

An example of buildup present in the inlet pipework of a BMW 320d. This buildup is a combination of oil, grease, water vapour and carbon which has gathered from a combination of short journeys, poor quality fuel (with little/no additives present) and a dirty engine with increased emission levels. Regular engine cleaning would have helped prevent this gathering.

Increased emissions recirculate around the system causing increased levels of buildup in EGRs, DPFs and inlet manifolds and with higher levels of soot entering the DPF for example this leads to increased frequency of DPF regeneration and severely impacts fuel consumption as a result.

How does our service help?

By cleaning up the source of the dirt (combustion chamber – where the pistons, cylinders and injector tips are present) you get the engine running smooth again – this brings back the fuel economy and restores the engine efficiency, smoothness and brings the emissions levels back down.

The included live data diagnostics session allows us to identify underlying issues also affecting the vehicle such as sensors required for successful DPF regeneration, injector wear, EGR movement and flow, glowplugs and coolant temperature (thermostat) which is vital to maintain both fuel economy and DPF regeneration.

Engine Carbon Clean is effective on other hot areas such as turbos and catalytic converters. As turbos get dirtier they don’t spool up as easily, cannot breathe as easily and as such power and performance drop off over time and if left long enough lead to turbo issues such as sticking vanes and limp mode issues. Sticky turbos can be resolved with an Engine Carbon Clean, depending on the underlying case.

How often should I use the service?

Prevention is better than repair! If you want to keep your vehicle smooth, quiet, responsive and fuel efficient then do it regularly as a preventative measure. Most customers are coming back for repeats approx every 20-25k miles.


As a vehicle gets older and has more miles on it then it gets slowly noisier, more sluggish, uses more fuel and starts to smoke more.  That is due to carbon buildup. Leaving this to get worse means increased fuel bills and maintenance costs. Tackle it before it gets bad enough to cause your fuel bills to increase and components to clog up and fail.

Typical Symptoms include amongst others…

MPG has slowly dropped away
– your vehicle has progressively got sluggish
– your emissions levels (smoke) have risen
– your engine has got noisier and shakier.

How to address this?
– Our diagnostic consultation can identify issues that may be contributing to the symptoms and other issues with your vehicle you may want/need to address
– Cleaning up the turbo can restore lost power and prevent sticking turbos in the future
– Cleaning up the combustion chamber will allow the engine to run smooth, quiet and efficiently again – restoring emissions levels and MPG as it will no longer be over fuelling.  Reducing emissions means less soot flowing around the system in general helping EGRs, DPFs and inlet manifolds and spending less money on fuel.

Examples: Audi A4 MPG | VW Golf

2) VEHICLE PURCHASE – just purchased a pre-owned vehicle (especially with warranty)

If you have just acquired a vehicle then book it in with us as our service includes a full diagnostic consultation and we can identify issues that need addressing.  Make the most of your warranty!  Avoid running into problems down the line by identifying if you have had your DPF removed for example, failed sensors which may lead to DPF blockages in future and failed components such as catalytic converters, etc.

Initial inspection on this Audi A5 3.0 TDI found the DPF had been tampered with – confirmed with the live data showing zero values for the DPF on the diagnostics. The owner can now get this addressed with the seller.
Adrian showing the owner the fully functional EGR valves on this Range Rover – EGR valve failure is a common issue on these models.

Once diagnosed and any issues addressed then you can get it cleaned up to restore the quietness, smoothness, fuel economy and emissions levels.

Other Examples: Mini Cooper with failed CAT | Car with DPF removed

3) MOT DUE – Failed MOT on emissions or rising smoke levels

MOT failure will be down to either a failed or malfunctioning component/sensor (which we can identify with our diagnostics) and/or a dirty combustion chamber causing over fuelling (increased emissions) which we can clean up with an Engine Carbon Clean.

Examples: Failed MOT on a Skoda Octavia Diesel – now PASSED | Failed MOT on a Mercedes C200 Petrol – Now PASSED

4) MODIFICATION – About to modify or remap?

In advance of a modification such as an upgrade or remap get your vehicle running at it’s best first.  If for example you are planning a remap for more power then you should get it diagnosed and recover the lost power first. By cleaning it up and get it breathing properly the extra work the turbo has to do post-remap won’t stress the turbo as much. Extra important if you are having a custom map on a rolling road as it is best to map a clean car rather than a dirty one.

5) DPF Issues

If you are having DPF issues with
a) DPF regenerating too often
b) DPF lights coming on and off frequently
c) DPF lights and/or engine lights on permanently
Then we can help.

If the DPF can still successfully regenerate then an Engine Carbon Clean to clean up the source of the soot (combustion chamber) will reduce the soot levels entering the DPF and in turn the frequency of regeneration.  DPF will last longer and you will save fuel with fewer regenerations.

If the DPF lights are coming on then a diagnostics is essential to understand why.  Many times the DPF will be struggling to regenerate or regeneration will be disabled due to a faulty sensor or component.  In this instance no matter of driving will allow regeneration and will lead to a blocked DPF.  Once diagnosed then the faulty parts can be rectified and regeneration can work as it should.

If the DPF back pressure is already too high then even with fixing the underlying  issues will still not allow regeneration.  We can perform a DPF Clean is a last resort option to unblock a DPF.

Examples: Diagnosis and DPF Clean on a BMW 520d | Diagnosis and DPF Clean on a Seat Leon |

When is best to do it?

Any time is fine, but for regular preventative maintenance book us in approx. 1 week prior to a service so that
a) we can identify any faults/issues on the diagnostics and you can warn your garage in advance
b) get your engine cleaned up and run the car for a few days after the clean and then get fresh oil in to it at your service.

We work Monday-Saturday, the service takes approximately 1 hour from start to finish and we come to you at your place of choice.

And why choose us?  We do things properly.

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Knowing when NOT to clean is vital – we will always perform pre-checks and advise if a clean is not the right thing to do.

Range Rover booked in with black smoke issues – the cause of the issue was a split boost pipe. No clean to be performed until this is replaced.

Boost leaks, injector leaks, oil lights, oil leaks, coolant leaks, broken thermostats, broken turbos or other significant issues which need to be addressed first mean we will not proceed and arrange to return when the issues have been rectified.

Examples: Fuel Supply and Air leaks | Leaking Injectors | Sensor Issues

If a clean is not required we won’t recommend it.
DPF Cleans are a LAST RESORT option for a blocked DPF and not a regular maintenance item.

Example: DPF Issues on a BMW 530d

We understand how to do it properly and safely without blocking up the exhaust system or other components in the process.

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Genuine advice and guidance – contact us with any questions.