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Use our award winning service to help

✅ restore performance and power
✅ recover and restore fuel economy
✅ restore emission levels and tackle smoke issues
✅ restore a smooth, quiet running engine
✅ identify potential issues before they become a problem
✅ diagnose existing issues including engine management lights (EML), LIMP mode (limited performance) issues and DPF (diesel particulate filter) issues

ℹ️ As any engine (petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid or any other fossil fuel engine) burns fuel it creates carbon deposits. As it gets older and has more miles/hours on it then it gets slowly noisier, sluggish, uses more fuel and starts to smoke more as these deposits gather.

Typical Symptoms include amongst others…

❌ Fuel economy has got worse and MPG has decreased (costing you more at the pump)
❌ your vehicle has progressively got sluggish (affecting performance)
❌ your emissions levels have risen (causing smoke, affecting DPFs and eventually risking MOT failure)
❌ your engine has got noisier and shakier (causing wear and tear on other components).

All the above is due to carbon buildup. Leaving this to get worse means increased fuel bills and maintenance costs.

⚠️ If you don’t tackle it then it can cause your fuel bills to increase and components to clog up and fail with costly repair bills.

How do we help you to address this?

– Our inclusive diagnostic consultation can identify issues that may be contributing to the symptoms and other issues with your vehicle you may want/need to address (not just a simple code check, but full live data monitoring to hunt down issues with no code)
– Cleaning up the turbo can restore lost power and prevent sticking turbos in the future
– Cleaning up the combustion chamber will allow the engine to run smooth, quiet and efficiently again – restoring emissions levels and fuel economy (MPG).  Reducing emissions means less soot flowing around the system in general helping EGRs, DPFs and inlet manifolds and spending less money on fuel.

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In an increasingly challenging environment with rising fuel and running costs and MOTs with much tighter emissions limits individuals and businesses need someone they can rely on to advise, guide and help address these issues and help keep their vehicle(s) running smoothly, quiet, responsive, legally and as fuel efficient as possible.

Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands – F5ECC, a fully insured, award winning mobile service suitable for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel or LPG, no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

We cover all East Midlands counties: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus Cambridgeshire.