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Simply the best regular maintenance for your vehicle.

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Totally changed how it drives, Just like a new car. Unbelievable service will recommend to everyone!!

Being a vehicle technician I was sceptical but I kid you not my vehicle ran smoother on acceleration and the slight engine vibration I had has disappeared and no more smoke even bigger PLUS my MPG was outstanding I was getting a lot more to the gallon.

Simply the best regular maintenance for your petrol, diesel, LPG or hybrid vehicle of any age and mileage.

Identify and resolve issues, restore fuel economy to save money on fuel, restore performance, pass MOT and avoid future repair bills

Keeping your engine cleaned helps prevent issues such as DPF issues, MOT emissions failures or sticking turbos.

Contact us now to get it running smooth and quiet again – restoring response, fuel economy and lowering emissions.

Our expert and friendly service has been awarded the coveted Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award twice.

Our IMI Certified service is about looking after the overall health of the vehicle, not just turning up to ‘perform a clean’.

Every booking starts with a health check, a diagnostic code scan of the entire vehicle looking for underlying issues (where applicable) and Live data diagnostics throughout to identify issues with injectors, fuel pumps, sensors, etc. which may not be logging errors.

Yes. All hydrocarbon engines create carbon build up depending on the mileage, driving style, journey length and fuel quality used.

You can clean petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid or anything else such as methane.  Not just cars and vans, but we also work on boats, tractors, tanks, generators, landfill engines, anything really.

Typical symptoms include a decline in fuel economy, noisier engine, increased vibration, sluggish response and smoke/emissions levels.

As fuel economy and emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added in order to keep the soot within the vehicle rather than passing it out through the exhaust. This then clogs up EGR valves, inlet manifolds and DPFs.

Most people are coming back for repeats approximately every 20-25k miles based on driving style, journey length and fuel quality.

It is best to time the diagnostic and clean just prior to a service or MOT if one is due.

If you have just bought a vehicle or warranty is due to expire then it is a perfect time to get it checked out and cleaned up.

Yes it does and it is very good at what it does as long as the relevant pre-checks are performed to ensure an effective clean and critically it is done by someone who is properly trained, certified, with the right approach and equipment.

An Engine Carbon Clean is great at cleaning up the back of a turbo, combustion chamber, injector tips, pistons, cylinders and cats to get a vehicle running smooth, quiet, responsive, economical and emissions friendly again, but will not clean up cold areas such as EGR valves or inlet manifolds and won’t unblock a DPF.

The only way to clean up these cold areas safely and effectively is a manual approach, e.g. strip and clean of the EGR or ‘walnut blast’ the inlet.

The Engine Carbon Clean is complementary to these manual approaches as they are targeted at different areas.

Cleaning up the combustion chamber cleans up the source of the dirt – this helps minimise future buildup in the EGR and inlet manifold as well as extends the mileage between DPF regenerations.


Why Book Us

A dirty engine has to work harder against the dirt. To do this it uses more fuel, vibrates more causing more noise, shaking and lumpy running and increases emissions eventually causing MOT failure.

The more it shakes the more it will wear parts such as engine mounts, clutches, etc. so combat this before it becomes a problem.

Prevention is better than repair!

A booking with us is essentially a health check and detox for your vehicle.

What We Offer

A fully insured mobile service for all combustion engines running petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid no matter what age, engine size or mileage.

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About Us

Helping people save money every day with their vehicles is what we do – providing advice, guidance, diagnosis and performing cleaning procedures only where safe and appropriate and in a professional manner for individuals, small businesses, corporations and fleet customers.

We provide a MOBILE service and come to you anywhere across the East Midlands counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, plus we also cover Cambridgeshire.

What Clients Say

Dawn BellamyDawn Bellamy
06:54 16 Jun 24
Adrian completed an engine Carbon Clean on my 2011 Skoda. The engine was 'chuggy' with poor acceleration and low MPG. The process was explained and what outcomes I could expect. The diagnosis also... showed an issue I wasn't aware of.The clean was completed very professionally and thoroughly and I am thrilled with the results. The engine now runs more smoothly and the MPG is already rising.I am already recommending ECC to family and friends.read more
Dylan TownsendDylan Townsend
16:13 12 Jun 24
Great service, Adrain’s super knowledgeable. the car feels amazing.Start to finish is simple, full process explained and any questions answered, cars live data is ace just an amazing service to... have, keeping your engine clean and healthy.read more
Amy SkelhamAmy Skelham
15:12 12 Jun 24
Brilliant service from Adrian very polite and professional. I wasn’t expecting much as my car is 12 years old but it definitely exceeded my expectations my MPG has shot up from the low 30’s to mid... high 50’sEvery car is different but with guidance and correct information it all helps.Thank you so much Adrianread more
Stephen CookStephen Cook
09:24 12 Jun 24
Been having various issues with my Skoda for a little while, after trying to research the problems myself and coming up with a million and one conclusions I decided to let someone else have a look.... One of the issues was poor fuel economy so I decided to get the engine carbon cleaned, after a bit of researching Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands seemed to be the best looking company! The Internet was right! From first contact to completing the job they were nothing but polite, professional and friendly. As well as carbon cleaning the engine they ran a full diagnostics on my car which brought up some interesting results (their words, it all went over my head). Through these results and me explaining the issues I'd been getting they came up with a possible answer to what was causing all my issues. They did not guarantee this was the problem but with their knowledge (which I would say is quite extent) they would think all my problems was starting with a worn turbo which then linked on to the other issues.After some umming & arring due to cost I decided to go to my mechanic and have the turbo removed and checked. I will not repeat the words of my mechanic but he found the turbo to be in a very bad way which surprised him!Would I recommend this company?100% YESIs their service value for money?200% YESApart from the cost of a new turbo I am a very happy customer who has already recommend Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands to my friends!read more
Lee CresswellLee Cresswell
19:41 30 May 24
Didn't know what to expect owning a 19 year old Hyundai Tucson with 96000 miles but glad I had this treatment done. Adrian was very professional, explained how the process works and the results have... been fantastic. Engine seems smoother, power delivery livelier and mpg increased a little. Very happy.read more
Terry CadeTerry Cade
19:53 21 May 24
Fantastic service from Adrian amazing product my car is running like new i have already told at least 3 of my friends and they will also have the same. If your thinking about it dont hesitate you... wont believe the difference it makes. Cheers Adrian see you again in 20,000 milesread more
Oliver stephensonOliver stephenson
12:11 20 May 24
Adrian came out to see our two cars a BMW 335d and a Renault Kadjar 1.5dci. The BMW had high fuel consumption, the Renault had a engine warning light and the engine was sooted up.Adrian was able to... identify and clean both cars, both cars are now running great and he was able to give us areas on the engine which would next need to be looked into.Adrian's knowledge and explanation of what he was doing and seeing with our cars was second to none. Home service saving having the hassle of getting your car back and forth from a garage which are booked up for week.Would highly recommend getting in touch to anyone with an engine issue or drop in performance of your car. Will definitely uses again in the future!read more
Simon TylerSimon Tyler
17:58 17 May 24
Adrian has done several vehicles for me now. Including my fleet of vans as well as personal cars. His level of detail he works to is incredible. Not only that he is a really genuine and overall great... guy who will talk you through each and every stage of what he is doing. This proves he has a real passion for what he does.I wouldn't hesitate recommending him for any diagnostic work, carbon and dpf cleaning etc. Also feel assured if he can't help you or feels the work he will do is wasted he will tell you this prior to visiting!Many companies should use Adrian as an example to customer service.See you again soon for my next van!read more
Jay MyhillJay Myhill
17:27 14 May 24
Adrian was fantastic explaining and showing everything as I was very interested in the process, fantastic understanding and a clear wealth of knowledge, my Mrs mercedes v6 diesel runs lots smoother... now and getting much better mpg, I will be using the service again on my other cars, I can't recommend enough, AVOID some cons on carbon cleaning and use this service I've used a fair few before and this service is the best by a mile.read more
Callum NCallum N
15:16 14 May 24
I wasn't expecting much to be honest I've had my car for just under a year and done every maintance task possible before adrian's visit my car is already stage 1 remapped but i was making sure that... my car was in tiptop condition for him to come an do a carbon clean and an indepth diagnosis session for me. Definitely was not expecting the results I got! So much more responsive and a completely different animal than before the carbon clean. Engine runs so much smoother and quiter plant my right foot and the car is a missile!! Massive improvement and id definitely recommend anyone to him. If your looking for a genuine honest company to come an give you honest answers or tell you specifically what codes you have stored an give you the best advice this is your guy! Thanks again mate really appreciate todayread more
Guy HaydenGuy Hayden
10:40 13 May 24
Exceptional service, went beyond designated territory and came to us within 24 hours. Instrumental in helping us resolve a complex red engine warning light issue on our Mercedes. Highly recommend!
Renier PotgieterRenier Potgieter
10:06 26 Apr 24
Adrian was very upfront with what to expect from the service and gave me a lot of information to consider even before booking it in.It took just about an hour, and during that time he did a visual... check and found two minor issues that will improve the performance and economy of my car, then the detailed diagnostic, which he sent to me and we went through it together.The actual carbon clean made such a big difference too - I knew from cleaning the EGR valve not long ago that the engine and connected bits were caked with carbon build-up, but didn't expect it to completely get rid of the rough idling. It runs so much better - I will definitely have this done again!read more