Diagnostics: Live Data Consultation

A thorough live data diagnostic session of the vehicle with a live walk-through and explanation of the findings is included and essential for the success of every Engine Carbon Clean (depending on vehicle).

Adrian at Engine Carbon Clean East Midlands

A Diagnostic Consultation Includes:

– Initial code check, documented and emailed to you where relevant.
– Clearing the codes and then monitoring the reappearance of codes/faults and documenting when and in what pattern they reoccur.
– Live data monitoring to look at all available engine data including EGR movement and gas flow, DPF data, injector data, etc. – this allows us to diagnose and identify issues where an engine code may not have been logged, e.g. faulty thermostat or failing (but not yet failed) sensor.

This session can also be booked without the clean which is ideal for engine management lights, DPF issues, limp mode issues and any other dashboard lights, plus identifying underlying faults you may not be aware of. Typically the diagnostic also includes other areas of the vehicle such as air conditioning, brakes, etc.

⏱️ Typically a minimum of 30 minutes (depending on the complexity of the issues encountered).
🧰 Multiple genuine licensed and up-to-date diagnostics equipment are used. Emailed reports are dependent on the diagnostic tool used for best diagnosis.

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