How to Pass MOT on Emissions

MOT due or already failed? We can help you pass!

Our diagnostic and Carbon Cleaning service is an ideal way to lower emissions in preparation for your MOT test (or re-test)

As your engine burns fuel it leaves carbon behind causing your engine to run rich, use more fuel and increase emissions – left untreated this eventually results in MOT failure.

Emissions failures will usually be down to

1) a dirty engine – which we can clean up with our Engine Carbon Clean

b) a mechanical / electrical issue from a leak, a faulty thermostat, failing cat, a sensor issue, etc. which we can identify with our live data diagnostics (included in our Engine Carbon Clean service).

'So the Caddy SDI MOT was a FAIL on emissions… so had it carbon cleaned, was advised to replace thermostat, and what a difference, the van has now passed the MOT and its noticeable … smoother and quieter'