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DPF Investigation and Cleaning Service

If the DPF lights are coming on then an early diagnosis is essential to understand why BEFORE the DPF blocks up.

Symptoms of a DPF Issue include

a) DPF regenerating too often
b) DPF lights coming on and off frequently
c) DPF lights and/or engine lights on permanently
d) Frequent dashboard messages such as Oil Service, Service Now, Particle Filter Full, etc.


1) Sometimes everything is working fine, but short journeys or low fuel levels may have caused lack or opportunity to regenerate.

2) Many times, however, the DPF will be struggling to regenerate or regeneration will be disabled due to a faulty sensor (temperature, pressure, etc.) or component (glow plug, thermostat, fan, vaporiser, etc.).

In this condition driving it hard will not help, just add more soot to the DPF!

A proper live data diagnostics is essential to understand why.


If we determine the DPF isn’t blocked and the DPF could still successfully regenerate then an Engine Carbon Clean to clean up the source of the soot (combustion chamber) is a great idea as this will reduce the soot levels entering the DPF and in turn the frequency of regeneration. DPF will last longer and you will save fuel with fewer regenerations.

If the DPF back pressure and soot content are too high then even with fixing the underlying issues will still not allow regeneration. We can perform a DPF Clean as a last resort option.