Vehicle Inspection Service

Just bought a Vehicle?
Our Award winning Which? Trusted Traders approved live data diagnostic inspection and Engine Carbon Clean service is the ideal way to identify hidden sensor and running issues and get the vehicle running like it should.

Failed MOT on emissions - BMW 118d (2011 – 183,454 miles) - diagnostic and Engine Carbon Clean

Just bought (or about to buy) a used vehicle?

Have a warranty? Use it!

You never know what you are going to find. Whether a private purchase or from a dealer we can help you identify underlying issues.  Although there may be no warning lights present, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues present.

We will help you identify underlying issues with our live data diagnostic investigation service.  We provide you with reports and screenshots you can use with any claim you need to make.

A typical practice from sellers is for codes to be deleted prior to sale so we would recommend putting a few hundred miles on it before our visit.

Assuming there are no significant issues then the Engine Carbon Clean is ideal to get it running smooth, quiet, responsive and economical again.