2010 Audi RS5 4.2 V8 - 25,965 miles

Engine Carbon Clean on an Audi RS5 4.2 V8 (2010 – 25,965 miles)

Here we have an immaculate 2010 Audi RS5 4.2 V8 on just 25,965 miles booked in for Diagnostics and Engine Carbon Clean.

This RS5 was immaculately presented inside and out, but not running like it should.  Issues described by the owner included engine management lights and misfires and shaking on cold starts.

2010 Audi RS5 4.2 V8 on 25.965 miles

On arrival we got it up to temperature and ran the diagnostics to confirm the issue.  We identified a plethora of codes relating to the misfires…

and the system running too rich with short term adaptations between -7 and -10 for banks 1 and 2…

We cleared the codes and proceeded with the clean in order to clean up the combustion chamber and cats.  During the clean we performed the usual checks and live data monitoring, focusing on monitoring the adaptation as we went.

2010 Audi RS5 4.2 V8 on 25.965 miles

After a full 50 minutes on the gas the engine had smoothed out, lost the vibration and most importantly had trimmed back the adaptation to zero for each bank.

Since the clean the owner has performed the usual cold starts without issue…

‘Lights are out and all’s good. Smoother and goes well!’

☑️ Full Diagnostics
☑️ Engine Carbon Clean
☑️ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.
☑️ Proud Partner with Team-HARD. Racing

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