MOT Pass for this Aston Martin DB7 after an Engine Carbon Clean

Two 1990s classics – turning an MOT Fail into a PASS for this rare Pre-Production Aston Martin DB7 after an Engine Carbon Clean, plus a nice Subaru Impreza

⚠️ Struggling on emissions for MOT?

🎯 A rare pre-production Aston Martin DB7 now passed its MOT, plus a rather nice Impreza.

📝 ‘After a narrow emissions fail at MOT followed an online recommendation to have my father’s DB7 looked at, and had my own 1997 Impreza (with a post-pandemic layup misfire) treated at the same time. Adrian arrived bang on time, and the whole service was a pleasure from beginning to end. Great customer service throughout, happy to advise and explain not only what to expect but also how to keep cars in best possible shape between visits. Both cars saw an instant improvement in responsiveness and smoothness; the Impreza felt 20 years younger at a stroke, and the DB7 passed its MOT (though will be having further work done in line with the diagnostics report Adrian provided as part of the treatment). Would thoroughly recommend on every aspect of both service and results.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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