Turbo underboost and EGR excessive flow – VW Golf (2010 – 142,981 miles)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘After a recent service at a garage I was getting loss of power and engine warning lights. Garage suggested it was sticky vanes but were not too helpful. This seemed possible as the car has 142000 miles on the clock. I found Adrian’s service and gave him a call, he was very polite and honest and I booked him for a full diagnostics and carbon clean. On arrival a few days later he did the full diagnostics and identified a number of faults, on telling him about the issues following the service he felt it probably wasn’t a coincidence and looked at the engine to find a broken valve that looked like it had been ripped off when the engine casing was removed for a service. A local mechanic has fixed this (to the cost of the original garage who admitted fault) and my car now has no issues. It also benefited from the carbon clean and is driving better than previously.’

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