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Running issues, engine management light on and uneven idle on a Mazda 6 (2009 – 123,220 miles)

⚠ī¸ Vehicle not running properly? 🚨 Engine Management Light on? Get it properly diagnosed before it creates further issues.

🚗 Here we have a Mazda 6 (2009 – 123,220 miles) with lack of power, Engine Management Light (EML) on and a slightly uneven idle.

ℹī¸ Originally booked in as a DPF issue investigation due to a history of DPF Issues back in December 2018 where the DPF was eventually replaced.

✔ī¸ This time around the owner contacted us to get it quickly diagnosed and see what was occurring.

🔎 Initial diagnostics brought up the following related engine codes:

🔸P0299 Turbocharger Under boost condition
🔸P0402 EGR Flow excessive detected
🔸P0104 MAF Circuit intermittent/erratic

📊 Further investigation into the live data showed that the DESIRED (requested) boost pressures and rail pressures were fluctuating wildly which is an indicator that the ECU is trying to work from fluctuating values being fed in from the MAF sensor.

🔧 We unplugged the MAF sensor and then the idle settled and the desired values steadied to relatively normal values. We documented the codes, emailed them to the owner and then cleared them down which just left the 2 codes related to the MAF sensor.

ℹī¸ Running with the MAF sensor unplugged means the vehicle will run from default values and whilst not ideal, this is preferable to the way it was running with it plugged in giving really off readings.

No cleaning on this one and first port of call is to get the MAF issue sorted out (likely the sensor, but occasionally we have seen an issue with the wiring) and then go from there.

Once all resolved then we can return to confirm all is OK and perform our Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean to get it back to its best.

🤔 Given the MAF issues it is fairly likely that this was the original cause of the DPF issues back in December 👀

☑ī¸ Full Diagnostics
☑ī¸ Engine Carbon Clean
☑ī¸ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.

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