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Return visit to Engine Carbon Clean after initial DPF diagnosis 2 months ago – Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi (2009 – 90,711 miles)

⚠️ DPF Issues? Initial diagnosis is key before spending money on DPF Cleans when unnecessary.

🗣️ ‘It’s driving good m8 more responsive and nice and crisp well worth it and it feels faster excellent job m8 thanks.’

🚗 Here we have a Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi (2009 – 90,711 miles) booked in for diagnostics and Engine Carbon Clean.

We originally saw this vehicle 2 months ago when it was booked in as a potential DPF Clean, but initial analysis suggested that would not be necessary as the DPF was not yet blocked (although on the way).

📊 At the initial booking we diagnosed the thermostat was stuck open and the engine did not get hot enough to regenerate.

The owner had previously been advised to run a DPF fuel additive and give it a blast up the motorway and that hadn’t worked and with a faulty thermostat then it would not have regenerated no matter how hard it was driven.

🔧 With a new thermostat and the coolant to normal temperatures the subsequent regeneration attempt then got one step further, but then failed due to a failing differential pressure sensor.

With this then replaced the vehicle then successfully regenerated 👏

Back today to finish off the engine clean and the diagnostics showed successful regeneration 195km ago and all live data looking good.

We performed a re-learn on the newly fitted DPF differential pressure sensor just in case.

⚙️ On with the clean and now much quieter, smooth and responsive again.

☑️ Full Diagnostics
☑️ Engine Carbon Clean
☑️ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.

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