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Have a keeper? Diagnostic and Engine Carbon Clean on an Audi S4 4.2 V8 (2007 – 135,278 miles)

🗣️ ‘Running very well…strangely I think changing gear was smoother! Being a manual I didn’t expect that, it used to almost snatch between gears and lurch, it seems to be less snatchy if that makes sense, maybe because the engine is smoother…what you did seems to have ” balanced ” the engine as the exhaust proves to me.
Am very happy with today, you explained everything and the health check on the vehicles was very interesting and informative.
To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect but am very happy with what I see..and feel in the car…I feel like it was money well spent on maintaining my vehicles, as stated I will be calling on you again.’

⚠️ Own a keeper? Keep it well maintained.

Here we have a rare beast – a manual shift B7 Audi S4 cabriolet (2007 – 135,278 miles) booked in for diagnostic consultation and Engine Carbon Clean after the owner was concerned about a potential misfire.

Having already had the manifold off and manually cleaned now was the time to clean up the combustion chamber and cats.

🔍 Initial health check found a wobble at idle (most noticeable through the bonnet) and an uneven idle most noticeable with an occasional hiccup noticeable through the exhaust. There was a tell tale bass purr to the engine and associated boom from the exhaust.

📊 Diagnostics showed some historic codes which were documented and cleared, but the key one was an active code for the right electro-hydraulic engine mount which would create the symptoms described.

⚙️ On with the clean and after the first 10 minutes the engine lost the bass purr and the engine smoothed out and by the end of the clean the engine was quiet and smooth with just a trace of the engine mount wobble remaining.

Have a keeper? Diagnostic and Engine Carbon Clean on an Audi S4 4.2 V8 (2007 - 135,278 miles)

☑️ Full Diagnostics
☑️ Engine Carbon Clean
☑️ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.

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