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DPF Light on? – Diagnostic consultation on a BMW 320d (2006 – 201,348 miles)

⚠️ Running issues? DPF Light come on? Get it diagnosed and/or cleaned up.

🚗 Here we have another BMW diesel booked in where the DPF light has started coming on recently.

This 320d (2006 – 201,348 miles) was driving fine, but the DPF light had appeared a few days ago and kept coming on and off when driven. The owner contacted us initially enquiring about a DPF Clean, but before any of that best to get it diagnosed to see what the underlying cause is before wasting money on a DPF Clean if it is not necessary.

📊 Initial diagnostics showed active codes for 3 glowplugs which when cleared came back on immediately. Exhaust gas temperature sensors and DPF pressure sensors looked fine also with a backpressure reading of 28 mbar at idle which although higher than normal, is not high enough to warrant a DPF Clean.

🔎 Further investigation found it was 1,098km since the last regeneration. When idling the thermostats were showing 188°F which is fine for regeneration, however when driven the temperature plummeted to 154°F which is too cold to regenerate.

We documented all this for the owner and suggested the following course of action.

1) change all 4 glowplugs and the glowplug controller.
2) investigate and change the thermostats

Once up to temperature and with a working glowplug system it should then regenerate again (as long as it is done soon before the DPF fills up and the backpressure gets too high).

☑️ Full Diagnostics
☑️ Engine Carbon Clean
☑️ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.

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