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DPF Issues? Diagnostic consultation and Engine Carbon Clean – Volvo S40 (2006 – 48,301 miles)

⚠ī¸ Engine/DPF lights on? Vehicle not running as quiet, smooth, economical or responsive as it should be?

🚗 Here we have a returning customer with a different vehicle – a Volvo S40 (2006 – 48,301 miles)

Having used us previously on another vehicle she asked us to take a look after the mechanic at the garage found a code and cleared it when serviced, but the engine management light came back on later the same day. He advised we come and take a look given the minimal amount of miles driven by the previous owner might mean it needed a clean due to lots of short journeys.

ℹī¸ Engine Management Lights appear for a variety of reasons – they can be down to a failed component, a failing sensor giving incorrect readings or sensors detecting conditions which are abnormal.

🔎📊 Initial diagnostics showed a single code present relating to the DPF efficiency. The owner was doing long journeys every day and there was plenty of fuel present, so that ruled out short journeys being the culprit.

ℹī¸ All relevant sensors and components appeared to be working fine, but the key thing which stuck out on the live data was the coolant temperature. Although having being driven for 20 minutes before our arrival it was running cool. With the cabin fans turned off and repeated revving we could only get the temperature up to 174-176°F and then once the cabin fans were started again the temperature dropped rapidly.

🌡ī¸ This would indicate the thermostat is not closing properly and the vehicle is struggling to maintain the required temperature to regenerate successfully.

👨‍🔧 We proceeded with an Engine Carbon Clean to clean up the source of the emissions and recommended the owner get the 13 year old thermostat replaced.

☑ī¸ Full live data Diagnostics
☑ī¸ Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean
☑ī¸ Safety first, fully insured and IMI Certified

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