Diagnostic consultation and Engine Carbon Clean on a remapped BMW 335i (2010 – 80,877 miles)

😍 Like to look after your pride and joy? Whether petrol, diesel, LPG or hybrid give it some expert TLC and get it health checked and back to its best with our Which? Trusted Traders approved service.

🚗 Here we have a remapped BMW 335i (2010 – 80,877 miles) booked in for our diagnostic consultation and Engine Carbon Clean.

ℹī¸ After being referred to us from a prior customer the owner of this modified 335i booked in to get it checked out and restore that smoothness, tame the exhaust boom and get that burble back and making the most of the remap.

🔎📊 Diagnostics showed some historic codes which we documented for the owner, cleared down and monitored any reappearing codes. The only code was to do with the DME: Box fan activation which the owner was aware of since the remap.

👨‍🔧 With the live data looking good (and paying close attention to the temperatures given the 37°C heat outside đŸĨĩ) we proceeded with the clean. Just 40 minutes to get this one lovely and smooth, a nice exhaust burble back again and responsive again.

☑ī¸ Full live data Diagnostics
☑ī¸ Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean
☑ī¸ Safety first, fully insured and IMI Certified

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