Diagnostic Consultation and Engine Carbon Clean – Citroën Berlingo 1.6 HDi (2012 – 120,189 miles)

⚠️ Vehicle not running right? Not as quiet, smooth, responsive or economical as it should be? Limp mode issues or dashboard lights on?

🚗 Here we have a Citroën Berlingo 1.6 HDi (2012 – 120,189 miles) booked in.

ℹ️ We originally saw this when booked in for a DPF light investigation and found that the fuel additive pump (FAP) wasn’t working correctly – this has now been rectified.

Originally booked in this second time just for the follow up Engine Carbon Clean the owner had recently had another issue with it and was reporting a lack of power on initial driving, then an ABS light triggering on the dashboard and then power returned.

🔎📊 Initial diagnostics identified 3 codes, two of which were related to a failing left front wheel speed sensor (reported from both the engine control module and separately from the ABS module). This explained the behaviour above.

A third code was Air Circuit: airflow lower than recommended 🤔 Time to investigate…

❗ Engine bay inspection found a missing intake pipe (pre-airbox) and a broken clip! This must have been ‘lost’ during or since the vehicle was recently serviced 👀

👨‍🔧 With all issues documented for the owner we proceeded with the clean. The engine itself was in pretty good shape given the age and mileage and the regular oil changes and a diet of good fuel showed as there was less bass noise than you might expect. By the end of the clean though it was quiet, smooth and responsive again and the owner has a short list of issues to resolve to get it running back to its best.

🗣️ ‘Feels a lot better, a lot sharper’

☑️ Full live data Diagnostics
☑️ Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean
☑️ Safety first, fully insured and IMI Certified

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