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Best Preventative Maintenance? Regular Diagnostic Consultation and Engine Carbon Clean

After just 3 years and 69k miles of driving this 2020 Peugeot Boxer is having injector issues. Regular Engine Carbon Cleaning could have prevented this.

We would recommend coming back for repeats approx every 20-25k miles to remove the carbon buildup present.

Why you may ask? My vehicle runs fine.

Keeping the engine clean (injectors, pistons, cylinders) means the engine runs as intended.

Although a vehicle will still get you from A ro B as it gets dirtier, a dirty engine has to work harder and will

  • use more fuel (spend more at the pump)
  • vibrate causing it to be noisy, shaky and lumpy
  • Increase emissions (eventually causing MOT failure)
  • Increase emissions causing other components to block up faster (EGR, DPF and inlet manifold)
  • wear out components such as engine mounts, turbos, clutches, injectors, clutches, etc.

All combustion engines whether petrol, diesel, LPG, methane, hybrid, new or old, over time gather carbon deposits – it is a natural product of burning fuel.

Using the best quality fuel (it’s all about the additives), regular oil changes and regular Engine Carbon Cleaning will keep the vehicle running sweetly for hundreds of thousands of miles.

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