A MISSING pipe (after recent garage work) is causing issues on this BMW 320d

😮 A MISSING pipe (after recent garage work) is causing issues on this BMW 👀

Return visit to this BMW 320d we saw a few weeks ago. Originally booked in for diagnostic consultation after having DPF issues.

⛔ Initial booking found ridiculously high backpressures on the DPF and combined with the codes present and the live data across the board no cleaning was performed on the day with further mechanical investigation recommended.

ℹī¸ This vehicle had suffered from the driving style, journey length and fuel quality used by the previous owner and the inlet manifold was almost completely blocked and the DPF pressure sensor had melted in part. The manifold was then replaced along with a DPF and a new DPF pressure sensor at a local garage.

The customer then booked us back in to perform our Which? Trusted Traders approved Engine Carbon Clean, but before we arrived he had noticed increased fumes entering the vehicle and still had intermittent driving issues.

🔎 When we arrived a quick visual inspection found the pipe between the DPF and the DPF pressure sensor was MISSING 👀

👨‍🔧 We rigged up a temporary pipe to connect the pressure sensor to the DPF to confirm the new sensor was working (which it was), although due to the lack of connection had already elevated backpressure levels.

⚙ī¸ With everything connected up we proceeded with the clean and by the end it was idling quiet, smooth and responsive again.

A short section of the correct pipe collected from the garage and fitted and this vehicle should be good to go 👍

☑ī¸ Full Diagnostics
☑ī¸ Engine Carbon Clean
☑ī¸ Safety first, fully insured, IMI Certified and Which? Trusted Traders approved.

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