❗ Prevention is better than repair.

ℹ️ If you are serious about your vehicle maintenance then you will know that a regular live data diagnostic check and Engine Carbon Clean is an ideal way to identify underlying issues (before they become a problem) and keep your fuel economy high, your journeys smooth and your emissions low.

❗ Save money on fuel and prevent costly repair bills.

⏱️ On average people are coming back for repeats approx every 20-30k miles, or just after a vehicle purchase.

ℹ️ Carbon buildup will develop faster depending on the driving style, journey length and fuel quality used.

🕰️ We recommend to time it just prior to a service or MOT – any underlying issues found can be addressed and dealt with at the service or in advance of the MOT. Or with a recent purchase then a week or two after so that any cleared codes can reappear and you can identify any drivability issues.

🚗 Here is an Audi A3 booked in to check out an Engine Light and give it a clean up – the engine light is on due to an EGR fault.

ℹ️ Regular preventative maintenance with our Which? Trusted Traders approved diagnostic consultation and Engine Carbon Clean would have helped keep the EGR cleaner by cleaning up the SOURCE of the dirt, helping prevent repairs like this one now needs.

❗ Don’t put it off – book in today and enjoy a quiet, smooth and fuel efficient ride again saving you money at the pump and with future repairs.

✅ Prevention is definitely better than repair and always use a Which? Trusted Traders approved service for peace of mind.


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