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❗ Prevention is better than repair.

ℹ️ If you are serious about your vehicle maintenance then you will know that a regular live data diagnostic check and Engine Carbon Clean is an ideal way to identify underlying issues (before they become a problem) and keep your fuel economy high, your journeys smooth and your emissions low.

❗ Save money on fuel and prevent costly repair bills.

⏱️ On average people are coming back for repeats approx. every 20-30k miles, or just after a vehicle purchase.

ℹ️ Carbon buildup will develop faster depending on the driving style, journey length and fuel quality used.

🕰️ We recommend to time it just prior to a service or MOT – any underlying issues found can be addressed and dealt with at the service or in advance of the MOT. Or with a recent purchase then a week or two after so that any cleared codes can reappear and you can identify

❗ Don’t put it off – book in today and enjoy a quiet, smooth and fuel efficient ride again saving you money at the pump and with future repairs.

Here’s a recent review from Alex with a lovely BMW 530d GT. Glad to help you Alex 🙏

📝 ‘I have been booked with Adrian for a carbon clean and can say that it’s totally worth every penny my car has unleashed her true power, better mpg and throttle response, really happy with it. I was not expecting to be such a massive difference, engine it’s running really smooth and very responsive, been told that my car it’s running really smoothly by Adrian especially for the mileage that I have (152000, Bmw 530d GT) . Thank you very much Adrian and will definitely recommend you’re services to all my friends! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐’

✅ Prevention is definitely better than repair and always use a Which? Trusted Traders approved service for peace of mind.

🌍 www.f5ecc.com/why-book-us

📱 0749 60 60 5 60

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