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❗ Don’t ignore the value of proper diagnostics when it comes to vehicle maintenance

Look after your vehicle properly and it will look after you – we aim to look after both.

❗ Don’t ignore the value of proper diagnostics when it comes to vehicle maintenance – this is why it is integral to all of our cleaning services. It is not recommended to perform an Engine Carbon Clean or DPF Clean if you have certain mechanical/electrical issues as they need to be resolved first and can often explain the symptoms of declining fuel economy, smoke, failed MOT, etc. A cold running vehicle or an injector leak will for example will give a less effective clean.

The way we approach our live data diagnostic work is to operate it with you so you see everything we do, as we do.

We don’t sell parts/labour so our advice is independent – we tell it like it is.

We believe it is crucial for you to see it first hand so when we visit you we effectively loan you our diagnostic equipment and our expertise for the duration of the booking and operate and translate the findings WITH you.

We perform checks before, during and after the clean, document everything we can and share with you.

Rather than a simple one off code check (which anyone can do) we focus on the live data to find those extra issues that don’t log error codes and can quite often be the culprit for poor fuel economy or DPF issues.

Don’t delay – book today. Don’t skimp on your vehicle maintenance with cheap code checks and amateur services.

✅ Prevention is better than repair. Always use a professional Which? Trusted Traders approved service for peace of mind.

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