‘Restoring engine performance, fuel economy and reducing emissions for public, trade and fleet across the East Midlands region’

Helping everyday people every day with their vehicles is what we do – providing advice, guidance, diagnosis and performing cleaning procedures only where safe and appropriate and in a professional manner for individuals, small businesses, corporations and fleet customers.

All engines whether petrol, diesel or LPG, new or old, over time gather carbon deposits – it is a natural product of partial combustion. As emission targets have got stricter over the years the engine components have been developed and added to in order to keep the soot within the system rather than passing it out through the exhaust further adding to the consequences of not addressing buildup.

‘A dirty engine is an inefficient one’

A dirty engine is an inefficient one, causing increased vibration and loss of smooth running. An ECU will then over fuel to compensate. Over fuelling leads to reducing fuel consumption (MPG) and carbon related emissions increasing. Increased vibration leads to component wear. Increased emissions recirculate around the system causing increased levels of buildup in EGRs, DPFs and inlet manifolds and with higher levels of soot entering the DPF for example this leads to increased frequency of DPF regeneration and severely impacts fuel consumption as a result.   By cleaning up the source of the dirt (engine) you can combat the above and restore the engine efficiency, smoothness and emissions levels.

‘Engine Carbon Clean is also effective on other hot areas such as turbos and catalytic converters’

Engine Carbon Clean is also effective on other hot areas such as turbos and catalytic converters. As turbos get dirtier they don’t spool up as easily, cannot breathe as easily and as such power and performance drop off over time and if left long enough lead to turbo issues such as sticking vanes and limp mode issues.

In an increasingly challenging environment with rising fuel costs, tighter emissions targets and recently MOTs with much tighter emissions limits individuals and businesses need someone they can rely on to advise, guide and help address these issues and help keep their vehicle(s) running legally and as efficiently as possible.

We are also proud partners with various race teams competing in multiple motorsport formats where they carry our sponsorship and utilise our technology and expertise in the field.